Ulysses 2015 Released in the UK

Homer’s Odyssey recounts the story of Ulysses’ ten-year voyage home after the Trojan War, an adventure of epic challenges. Christian Moueix, inspired by Ulysses’ unending devotion to his quest, embarked on a new journey to produce a distinctive wine from the Ulysses Vineyard in Oakville upon purchase of the Charles Hopper Ranch in 2008.

Since the acquisition, the winemaking team’s intention is to produce a wine reflecting the exceptional potential and individuality of the Ulysses vineyard. The approach is minimalist, with attentive observation and restrained intervention. Harvested at perfect ripeness with the utmost care, the grapes undergo both cluster and berry selection before a gentle vinification and aging.

To celebrate the impending release of the 2015 vintage of Ulysses, Edouard Moueix hosted a masterclass at Home House this week. The tasting was the first simultaneous UK presentation of all four Moueix Napa wines: Ulysses, Dominus, Napanook and Othello. The 2014 and 2015 vintages of each were presented, with Ulysses 2013 as a ‘bonus wine’.

While there were clear differences between the various wines, as well as distinct vintage traits, the consistent vision of Christian Moueix was present throughout. These are not blockbuster wines, driven by ego and designed to please critics (although they certainly do that). They are restrained, precise expressions of single estates that also reflect the understatement and elegance of their creator. They have the subtlety to be approachable young, but the balance to age for 10-20 years.

On the day, Ulysses 2015 was perhaps the ultimate example of how the best Napa Cabernet fruit, when sensitively handled, can combine generosity and purity in a single wine. The 2013 vintage was close behind it, while Dominus 2015, Napanook 2014 and Othello 2014 also stood out for their poise, perfume and drinkability.

Othello 2014 and Ulysses 2013 are already in stock. We will be shipping limited parcels of the other featured wines in March.

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