The 12 days of a Berkmann Christmas (Days 1, 2 and 3)

As we look forward to the Christmas season this year, we are taking you behind the scenes and introducing you to 12 different people working at Berkmann Wine Cellars and finding out what a typical Christmas looks like for them…


Emma Dawson MW, Head of Buying


On the first day of Christmas, we spoke to Emma Dawson, Head of Buying, and asked her what traditions
does she have at Christmas?

For my family, the main theme is eating too many of my mum’s mince pies which are legendary. We also go for a long walk
after lunch, often in the dark, to try to build up an appetite to eat leftovers for dinner.


What is your favourite food to eat at Christmas?

I actually love roast parsnips and Brussel sprouts, my sister has banned them from her house so I have to take my own
when we celebrate with her!


And which Berkmann wine would you choose to drink?

We often start with a smoked salmon appetiser and I think rosé goes incredibly well with that style of fish. I’d probably choose
a delicate rosé but one with enough flavour to combine with the smoky fish flavours, so Lucien Crochet Sancerre Rosé
(code: 144114-21) would be a beautiful match.



Duncan Ross, Sales Account Manager


On the second day of Christmas, we caught up with Duncan Ross, Sales Account Manager in the South regions.


What always happens on Christmas day at your house?

We start the day with some Champagne (Drappier Rosé of course), while opening the presents
and with lots of Christmas songs playing in the background.


What is your favourite food to eat at Christmas?

Definitely the Pigs in Blankets, I can’t get enough of those!


And which Berkmann wine would you love to have?

Mahi Twin Valleys Chardonnay (code: 821550-18), it’s a perfect rich Chardonnay
that goes really well with roast turkey and all the trimmings.



Jennifer Meredith, Trade Marketing Manager


On the third day of Christmas, we’d like to introduce Jennifer Meredith, Trade Marketing Manager.


What is a Christmas tradition in your household?

My family take part in a Christmas Photo ‘scavenger hunt’ throughout December. We have to complete a list of festive photos
such as ‘the best selfie with father Christmas’ and we present our results on Christmas Day with a glass of Champagne and
one of us gets crowned Christmas Champion!


What is your favourite food to eat at Christmas?

I love the entire culinary experience of Christmas, from the smoked salmon at breakfast, to the roast turkey dinner.
But I particularly looked forward to the post dinner cheeseboard in the evening!


And which Berkmann wine would you love to have?

I’d have to pick a full bodied red to go with my cheese so I’ll be opting for the Pulenta Estate Gran Corte (code: 714220-18).


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