“A” has finally reached the British shores. Made by the Antinori family, winemakers from Florence since 1385, it represents the family’s drive to produce a rosé wine of unquestionable quality from a very old and traditional grape variety: Aleatico.


In the middle of a land with an ancient history

Fattoria Aldobrandesca is located close to the town of Sovana, in the southern part of Tuscan Maremma. This area was first Etruscan and then Roman until the year 594, when it was conquered by the Lombards who then gave control of it to the powerful Aldobrandeschi family. In fact, the estate takes its name (“Tenuta Aldobrandesca”) from this noble family.

The vineyards rise on the slopes of a spur of tuff, characterized by a beautiful, natural landscape of remarkable archeological importance. They grow on flat terrain of volcanic origin with tuffaceous subsoils at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level and have an incredibly variable microclimate. In just a few acres, the earth takes on a variety of colors: from white pumice to the colors of tuff whose spectrum goes from yellow to ruby red, to volcanic black.


A simple letter with multiple meanings

The name “A” celebrates and encompasses, in one single letter, all the players and leaders that took on this difficult yet fascinating challenge:

A – Aleatico (the grape variety, found only in Tuscany)
A – Aldobrandesca (the estate)
A – The three sisters: Albiera, Alessia, Allegra (Antinori’s 26th generation)
A – Antinori (today’s the 10th oldest company in the world still in the hands of the same family)


Profile of the wine

Remarkably pale in colour, “A” is able to interpret and express Antinori’s idea of a rosé that is distinctively fresh and refined with vertical characteristics defined by floral notes of wild roses and wild strawberries.

Approximately 13,000 bottles were produced for the 2020 vintage, which is already sold out in Italy. A total of 600 bottles have been allocated for the UK market, where Berkmann Wine Cellars is the sole agent. So get in touch with your Berkmann account manager quickly to snap it up; alternatively, send an email to


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