Majority of UK residents comfortable for the social distancing rule to be changed from 2 metres to 1 metre

New research by Berkmann uncovers the willingness of people to adhere to the one-meter distancing rule, to help the hospitality industry recover quicker and safeguard jobs in the industry.

The comprehensive survey of 1,932 people from across the UK showed 51.4% in favour of a reduction to one metre. Frequent restaurant-goers are particularly receptive to the change, with 59% ready to embrace such a move.

The survey also revealed the empathy and enthusiasm UK residents feel towards the hospitality industry:

  • Waiters and bartenders were considered the workers most financially affected by the lockdown, with 56% of people identifying them as among the hardest hit
  • Visiting pubs and restaurants is the number one priority post-lockdown: 43% said going to a pub or restaurant was one of the first things they’d do when lockdown ended, ahead of visiting the hairdresser (35%) and going on holiday (23%)
  • People surveyed are comfortable with additional hygiene measures being implemented in restaurants. These include 78% in favour of hand sanitiser being made available at the entrance, 60% happy to accept partitions between tables, and 59% supporting temperature checks for staff before each shift.

Even with hygiene measures in place, however, financial concerns will have an impact. During the first three months of reopening, almost half (49%) of people surveyed plan to spend less in restaurants than they did before the lockdown.

The measures taken by the Government have enabled many businesses to survive whilst closed in this period, but it should not be underestimated that the immediate future of hundreds of thousands of jobs is at risk in the coming days and months in the hospitality industry.

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