Introducing Our First Multi-Sensorial Experience Smart Wine Label!

Produced at Finca Decero’s Remolinos vineyard in Mendoza Argentina, The Owl & the Dust Devil is causing a storm in the US!

The wine is named after a mystical battle between two natural wonders found in Decero’s Remolinos vineyard: Lechuza owls and the Remolinos or whirlwinds.


The story of The Owl & the Dust Devil

High in Mendoza in the Andes mountains, a group of Lechuza owls have made the Remolinos vineyard their home. Perched atop vineyard posts, they keep a watchful eye over the vines, protecting against pests – both real and imagined.

Throughout the growing season a mystical battle unfolds. ‘Remolinos’, or whirlwinds arise, spiralling into dust devils, which mischievously weave their way through the vineyard. Catching sight of the swirling dust, the owls take flight in chase, until the dust devils disappear into thin air. The owls then return to their watching posts, satisfied that their precious vines are safe once again.

Little do the owls realize that the dust devil plays an equally important role in protecting our vineyard. Their airflow defends the vines from spring frosts and keeps the grapes dry and cool during the summer.

This intricately woven scene between two natural wonders, the winged predator and the wine, makes the Remolinos vineyard distinctive and The Owl & the Dust Devil wine so exceptional!


The wine

Grapes are sourced from the westerly blocks of Finca Decero’s Remolinos vineyard, located at an altitude of 1050 metres in Agrelo, a sub-appellation of Mendoza. The vines are planted on low vigour, coarse and gravel-rich loam soil, and grapes were hand-picked in March 2015. The grapes underwent Finca Decero’s 4-step selection process selecting berry by berry before being gravity fed into small fermentation tanks. Following fermentation, each parcel was matured in French oak barrels for 18 months and then the final selection of the parcels and optimum composition of the wine was decided.

The Cabernet gives the wine backbone and structure which is supported by the aromatics and silky profile of the Malbec. Petit Verdot and Tannat provide not only a rich core to the wine but also depth of character and flavour for superb ageing potential.  39% Cabernet Sauvignon, 32% Malbec, 19% Petit Verdot, 10% Tannat.


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Available in very limited quantities in the UK. 





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