Berkmann Wine Cellars Named Great Value Wine Merchant at the 2018 Sommelier Wine Awards

We’re pleased to announce that for the second year running and the seventh time in total, Berkmann Wine Cellars have been named the Great Value Wine Merchant at the Sommelier Wine Awards.

So what has made us particularly successful in this category? In the words of competition director, Chris Losh:

“Berkmann stuck to its winning game-plan for SWA again this year. While it has plenty of expensive wines in its portfolio, it tends to concentrate its efforts in this competition on the £10-15 area, and so it proved again this year: over half of its medals were under £12 ex VAT, putting them firmly in the sweet-spot of restaurant buyers everywhere.

Interestingly, this year’s Gold Medals were skewed (ten to five) towards the New World, and their overall medal count was an almost even split between the two; proof, perhaps, of some successful non-European additions to their portfolio over the last few years. California and Australia look particularly strong.”

Berkmann Wine Cellars’ purchasing director Alex Hunt MW sums up our thoughts on winning this prestigious award yet again:

“With poor exchange rate and pressure on margins from all sides, maintaining great value is a big challenge these days, especially while remaining profitable! For the same reasons, value is more important than ever to our customers, so I am thrilled we have retained this accolade, which aptly reminds us of the distinction between “cheap” and true value.”

Download a full list of our medal winners to explore here

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