Berkmann is excited to welcome cutting-edge Brash Higgins winery to its Australian Portfolio

Berkmann Wine Cellars is delighted to introduce Brash Higgins to its portfolio. A leading light of new wave Australian winemaking with an artisanal and low interventionist approach and one of the first producers to experiment with amphora ageing in Australia. The Chicago native developed his passion for wine during his travels around the world, leading him to a profession as a food writer, whilst writing Brad needed to find a way to pay rent and therefore his foray into the wine world began as he composed restaurant wine lists. After 10 years he became the first US sommelier to work under French culinary genius Daniel Boulud and later wine director of David Bouley’s Michelin-starred empire.

Having spent years talking about and selling wine, the next step in his journey was to make it. In 2007, Brad left the Big Apple to work a vintage in McLaren Vale, where he was given his nickname by the locals, in honour of his larger-than-life personality and big city ways, which later became an inspiration for the name of his winery. His vineyard experience didn’t stop there as he went on to spend time in multiple vineyards and particularly of note was his time under Chris Ringland, the man responsible for the creation of Rockford Basket Press Shiraz. It wasn’t just a knowledge in wine making that was gained during his time in Australia, it was also where he finally settled down, marrying a local vigneron, Nicole Thorpe, with whom he owns and cares for Omensetter Vineyard.

With a 56-year-long history, Berkmann Wine Cellars is proud to be working with a producer with absolute dedication to his work and who due to an unorthodox background had a different approach driven by flavour. Berkmann’s portfolio of Australian wines has been expanding over the past few years and features other innovative producers such as Between Five Bells and Unico Zelo.


The Purchasing Director of Berkmann Cellars, Alex Hunt, says:

“It’s a thrill to welcome Brash Higgins to our Australian portfolio. Brad Hickey’s approach really strikes a chord with us; he is a thinker and an innovator, but not an ideologue. He has embraced amphorae and low-intervention techniques but all in the service of great flavour. His wines are bright, pure and beautiful. They speak with a voice that is distinctive yet relatable, which I think will give them really broad appeal among our customers.”


The owner of the Brash Higgins, Brad Hickey, says:

 “We have been looking for the right distribution partner in the UK for a few years now, taking our time to find a good fit:  In Berkmann we feel we’ve found it. They have the expertise to continue to breathe new life into the artisanal side of the Aussie category and allow us to share our unique story with a greater audience.”

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